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Meet LaShawn Merritt
Meet LaShawn Merritt
Focused, determined, humble: Just a few sides of Virginia's finest.

2008 U.S. Olympic Trials
2008 U.S. Olympic Trials
LaShawn defeated rival Jeremy Wariner to win the 400 meters in Eugene, Oregon.

10/28/2011 - 04:03
Talking London With WVEC
by Devon Jeffreys

A ruling earlier this month from the Court of Arbitration of Sport cleared LaShawn Merritt for a run at Olympic gold next summer in London. But it also left LaShawn anxious to share his side of the story.

His training for those Olympic games takes LaShawn all over the country. Last week, he was back in his hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia where he spoke to WVEC's LaSalle Blanks in an exclusive interview about his suspension, learning from the mistakes of his past and the road ahead for an Olympic Champion who is still in his prime at just 25 years of age.

"I wanted to get my side of the story out there. There were a lot of things put out there that I was really happy with how they approached it," LaShawn said. "[They said I was] 'a doper,' that I used drugs. 'His career is over.'"

"We go through life and we all make mistakes. My mistake cost me two years…being out of a sport that I love," LaShawn noted. "But I'm back, and I'm hungry."

Watch Blanks' full report for WVEC News below:




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