Bitcoin crypto artwork sold for a record $ 100,000

The blockchain opens up new avenues for artists that are now apparently also financially worthwhile.

The digital work of art „Right Place & Right Time“, the representation of which is based on the price development of Bitcoin ( BTC ), was sold for more than 100,000 US dollars

„The Right Place & Right Time Master NFT was sold to TokenAngels for $ 101,593, but we can also say $ 100,000,“ Matt Kane, the artist behind the project, confirmed to Cointelegraph on Friday.

The abbreviation “NFT” stands for a so-called “ Non-Fungible Token ”, ie a crypto token which is unique due to its conception and cannot be copied. Accordingly, these tokens are particularly interesting for the digital securitization of collectibles. That is why NFTs are also being used more and more for art , with the token securing ownership of the respective object.

„Right Place & Right Time“ is one such NFT art object that depicts a creative version of the Bitcoin logo. The mapping is constantly changed by the development of the Bitcoin rate.

As Kane states, he can’t remember exactly when he started the project and how long it took, rather it was an ongoing process:

“My art always takes as long as it takes. I took the first digital picture last November and then in January I started to turn it into a programmable work of art using async art. Then several small changes were needed to perfect it for “
Many artists play their art on the blockchain via the software Async Art. Potential customers can then see a digital image of the art via the platform, as is the case with Kane’s Bitcoin artwork.