What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is an exchange for cryptocurrencies that was founded in 2012. Apparently, you can only trade coins and fiat currencies are not supported. One special feature of the trading platform immediately catches your eye, which is that you can customize it. But what exactly is behind the offer of Giancarlo Devasini and Raphael Nicolle?

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Only after a close examination of the matter can one say in the end whether it is a recommendable crypto exchange or not.

Bitcoin Motion Review – The Offer

The website operators offer anyone with enough capital the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. However, one has to deposit digital coins worth 10,000 American dollars before using the trading platform. Otherwise, the investor will be denied access.

The website has a modern design and one can immediately find the possible trading options. They are also explained directly.

However, it seems that the website is designed for experienced traders, rather than beginners. There is a tutorial through the programs, but the points are not particularly detailed.

There is an application for mobile devices and the point „security“ seems to be capitalized at Bitcoin Motion.

Bitcoin Motion is only available in three languages at the time of the test and the support can apparently only be reached via a contact form.

Currently, the website has a trading volume of over $70 million in the last 24 hours. In the last 30 days it was over four billion dollars high.

Bitcoin Motion Experience: The features

Bitcoin Motion offers the following trading options to its clients:

  • Exchange Trading: deposit, exchange and withdrawal of all kinds of cryptocurrencies is allowed
  • Margin Trading: one can trade with a leverage of up to 3.3x; margin funding and peer-to-peer financing are possible
  • Over the Counter Market (OTC): Bitcoin Motion offers a private OTC market for large transactions directly with another investor

Also, you can design your trading platform the way you like and customize it to your preferences.

An account with Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Motion is a very interesting platform.

As a crypto beginner, you probably wouldn’t make investments through the website because you already need to have cryptocurrencies in your wallet for deposit and newbies usually don’t have those yet.

So they would have had to register on another exchange first so they could make purchases and sales through Bitcoin Motion.

The detour seems to be too cumbersome for some investors.

Of course, technical updates can always lead to changes in content and appearance, which is why the trading platform may look different at a later date.

If you have any questions or requests, you should always contact the support or read through the FAQs of the site.